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Latest Webinar – Watch it Again Here

Watch our webinar on improving your clean room cleaning and disinfection processes – reducing rick and cost. Originally broadcast on the 23rd of September 2021.

11th Oct, 2021

The Webinar was presented by Ying Zhang of Saturix and in the webinar Ying covered the high touch points during the mopping process. Potential risks associated with high touch points while using conventional mopping systems and how this risk can be reduced by using the Saturix system.

Questions & Answers from the Webinar

How do you decontaminate the cart including the castors??
YZ: Follow your regular SOP for cleaning/disinfecting the cart.  Our stainless steel cart as well as all handle and frames are autoclavable.  Our streamlined design and clean form factor make it easy to effectively clean the cart.

Hi! How often do you suggest to remove and change the dirty mop from the frame?
YZ: Based on the floor coverage of each mop.  For example our heavy duty mop can cover up to 27 square meters per mop so under normal circumstances we suggest users to remove and change the dirty mop every 27 square meters.  However you should also take the chemical dwell time requirement into consideration.  If a chemical require longer dwell time, you may want to change the mop more often so the floor can remain wet longer.  The best thing to do is to try different mops and find the perfect match.  That is why we have different kinds of mops.

How do you know you are delivering the right volume to the mops?
YZ: The volume delivered to the mop is regulated by the piston that is placed inside the dispensing bucket.  We have different pistons that dispense different volumes depending on which mop you choose.

How do you decide which mop to use?
YZ: It all depends on the environment you are cleaning.  If you are cleaning a facility that has relatively large, continuous floor surfaces, the recommendation is the heavy weight mop.  If the facility has a lot of small rooms/labs, the medium weight or light medium weight mop might be more suitable.

Does your system work with existing 2-3 bucket systems we already have in our facility?
YZ: Yes.

Can you reuse the mopping cloths?
YZ: We offer both disposable and resuable mops.

Most microfibre cloths act through some sort of static charge. With that in mind do you see any adverse interactions with charged chemicals/antimicrobials such as QACS?
YZ: Our mops are tested to be compatible with most commonly used chemicals for cleanrooms. Which material is used as a sticker for the monitoring locations using Sherpa?

How is it useful to remove the Endotoxin traces?
YZ: Saturix microfibers are more effective at removing chemical residues than any other commonly used mops.

What is the max volume of chemical that the bucket  chemical can handle?
YZ: 15 litres.

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